Posted by | September 2, 2013
Action and Adventure Sport Photography Seminar

So, something I've wanted to do for a long time is put together something useful for our community of photographers - an introduction to the field of action and adventure...

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Posted by | June 12, 2013
Shoot Highlights – Mountainbiking on the Peaking Ridge, South Island New Zealand

So, I recently got to shoot on the South Island of New Zealand and headed up the area around Nelson. We had a 5 day window and the weather was...

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Posted by | September 5, 2012
Sea Kayaking and the fun of waterproof cases

The thing about Sea Kayaking is that, most of it happens, well,  at sea. This presents some very particular problems. The second thing about sea kayaking is that most of...

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Posted by | August 7, 2012
Alpine Shooting Part 1 – Into the Mountains with a compact

(AS WITH ALL POSTS CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW LARGER)   So, this season's Alpine trip was to be split into two distinct parts, a week on the mountain...

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