Posted by | September 2, 2013
Action and Adventure Sport Photography Seminar

So, something I've wanted to do for a long time is put together something useful for our community of photographers - an introduction to the field of action and adventure...

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Posted by | July 12, 2013
Anatomy of a shot – Lantern Climbing, Sydney Australia

    Having received an invite to a regular Wednesday night bouldering session out in the suburbs of Sydney I was intrigued to find out that this would be a lantern lit afair. Accordingly,...

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Posted by | September 5, 2012
Sea Kayaking and the fun of waterproof cases

The thing about Sea Kayaking is that, most of it happens, well,  at sea. This presents some very particular problems. The second thing about sea kayaking is that most of...

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Posted by | January 16, 2012
Adventures in Light part 3: A night shoot

Night Shoot in Surrey Woods The woods looked like some kind of B-movie horror film set. The fading light and swirling mist gave an already erie location a sinister twist....

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Posted by | November 16, 2011
The silhouette-o-matic, adventures in lighting Part II – massive softbox

OK, so the next outing for the silhouettomatic was at a DH track in South Wales. After an afternoon of push up descents in the mud and wet everyone gamely...

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Posted by | November 10, 2011
The silhouette-o-matic, adventures in lighting

There were two things I was keen to get from the Nottingham trip. A chance to play with a lighting idea I had, see below, and some shots to add...

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