Beauty is always with us, sometimes we need only look up

My work comes from a background documenting action sports. Every sport has its own decisive moment.

A surfer’s tube, a climber’s summit, a kayaker’s rapid. A point at which the athlete is experiencing the pinnacle of their chosen activity. My craft became focused on anticipating these moments. My work evolved.

Feeling the need to focus on the landscape as context for the decisive moment, since 2008 I have spent forty months on the road, crossing five continents. Living nomadically and dedicating my time to being present for these moments.

Beauty is always with us

Famously Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase “the decisive moment” in describing the point at which the visual and psychological elements of an image spontaneously and and briefly come together.

He is often misunderstood to be referring to street photography. But in the preface of his 1952 book “Images à la Sauvette” he cites the 17th century Cardinal De Retz as saying: “il n’y a rien dans ce monde qui n’ait un moment decisif”

In these words ‘there is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment.” I recognise this truth  in nature. The play of light, the approaching storm front or, the most obvious and familiar example, the humble rainbow. 

Beauty is always with us

Time slows on extended trips, providing the opportunity to live in the mountains, by a river, or deep in the desert for weeks at time.

The ultimate luxury is to simply wait for the light to change

The curation of these works are based around mood and impact. Some follow in the grand tradition of the 1850’s realism school of landscape art others draw on contemporary techniques and approaches, resulting more impressionist and abstract works. In each case the work captures the decisive moment not only of the scene but of what I, as observer, experienced at the time, representing the dialogue between stimulus and experience. 

Beauty is always with us

Collaboration that brings the beauty of the outside, into your home.

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D. Mavroudi
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